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1. 2019 Outlook for Forex

It looks likely that a lot of trade opportunities are building up for Year 2019. It’s time to do your research and develop a practical plan. How shall our traders deal with opportunities and challenges in 2019? You know where to look for, what should you avoid?

Our partner senior market analyst Evan Lucas discusses the 2019 forecast and delve into the factors that may influence the market and your trading decisions. We have a very positive response to all of Evan’s presentations, so this recording should not be missed.

In the report, we discuss the link between foreign exchange and index price movements from the perspective of current macro inputs.

We took a closer look:

What happens to the dollar in the risk of a recession?
What is the British pound after the Brexit?
Which currency pairs are worthy of attention
What is the best way to research and find opportunities?
How to develop the most effective plan and stick to it


2. Performance Metrics of Successful Traders

What you will learn at Shawn Lee’s webinar:

– What kind of trading style can attract success

– Strategy of the best return curve & discovery of the falling curve

– Differences between active traders and inactive traders

– What a skilled trader is like

Do you have the conditions to win the FP Market Trader Challenge?

Whether you are a new or existing FP market customer, entering the Trader Challenge, you have the opportunity to win big prizes and possibly improve your career prospects, you can be a senior investment manager at CAML Global Markets (CGM) Train your trading skills under the guidance.


3. Investing in a Low-Growth World

If you missed the recent Webinar with Rudi, here are some of the key talking points:

– The future has already arrived! – Rudi discuss his top stocks that are disrupting traditional sectors through emerging technologies and his thoughts on Bitcoin! (14:00)

– Where are we in the mining cycle and is there still value in the commodities sector? (31:10)

– Are we at the end of the bull market? Rudi Voices his opinion on the current bull market (55:15)


4. Finding High Probability Trade Set Ups with Gary Burton

– Workable simple trading plans.

– Defining the components of the trading plan.

-Building the rules.


5.3 Key Trade Set Ups with Gary Burton






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