CFD Trading

All our CFD accounts can be opened quickly and provide you with access to genuine market data including Direct Market Access pricing and order-book visibility for faster execution and no dealer intervention.

What are CFDs?

Contracts for difference (CFDs) are derivative products which allow you to trade on the price movement of financial assets such as indices, shares and commodities. When you trade CFDs you don’t own the instrument or asset you are trading, but you benefit or make a loss depending on whether the market moves in your favour or against you.

Because CFDs are a leveraged product, you can open a position with only a small percentage of the full value of the trade.  It allows the buyer or seller to gain full market exposure while only outlaying part of the full notional value of the instrument.

CFDs therefore offer the potential to make a higher return from a smaller initial outlay compared to investing directly in the underlying security.

Leverage usually involves more risks than a direct investment in the underlying instrument. It is important you understand that leverage has the potential to work against as well as for you as using leverage magnifies your trading profits and losses.

Advantages of Trading CFDs

CFDs have been used by professional investors for over twenty years and emerged first in the over-the counter (OTC) or equity SWAP market. Equity swaps were used by institutions to cost effectively hedge their equity exposure.

CFDs have become one of the most popular derivative products in the Australian and European financial markets.

The popularity of CFDs has been driven by:

  • Leverage: CFDs enable you to obtain full exposure to a share for a fraction of the price of buying the underlying instrument. CFDs require only a small initial margin as a trading deposit.
  • The ability to go ‘short’: CFDs allow you to sell shares you don’t own. This enables you to profit from falling share prices.
  • Low transaction costs: CFD providers pass on volume discounts allowing you to benefit through lower transaction costs.
  • Hedging: CFDs allow you to employ more advanced strategies such as hedging to protect your existing share portfolio.
  • Simplicity: CFDs mirror the price of the underlying instrument, unlike other forms of derivatives (i.e. futures).
  • Dividends and Corporate actions: CFDs allow you to benefit from dividends or bonus issues which may occur in the underlying instrument on which the CFD is based.

CFDs provide all the benefits of share trading combined with added advantage of being able to utilise your unrealised profit, and only outlay part of the full notional value of your position.

Account Types

Our customised accounts are suitable for both new and experienced traders.

Professional Platinum Premier*
Minimum Opening Balance
$ 1,000 $ 25,000 $ 50,000
Brokerage Rate  $10 minimum, then 0.1% $9 min, then 0.09% No min. then 0.08%
Financing RBA +3.5% RBA +3.0% RBA +2.5%
IRESS Trader& Fee
$55 inc. GST fee is waived if you generate $150 in commission/month. $55 inc. GST fee is waived if you generate $150 in commission/month. Platform fee is waived.
IRESS Investor & Fee
Free Free Free
ASX Live Data fee
$22 ASX Inc GST fee is waived if you generate $50 in comm/month $22 ASX Inc GST fee is waived if you generate $50 in comm/month ASX royalty fee is waived
ASX Delayed Data
Free Free Free
Telephone Trades & Fee No additional charge No additional charge No additional charge
Account Description & Fee Our professional account provides access to competitive DMA commission and margin rates with our professional trading platform options. The platinum account offers even lower commission and financing rates on our professional trading platform. For the professional trader,  we offer no platform fees and no minimum brokerage charge.

Equity CFDs

Trade on real market data transparently with Contracts for Difference (CFDs) across 4 different continents and more than 10000 stocks. Choose between leveraged and non-leveraged trading accounts for higher position sizes and competitive financing rates.

  • Global exposure across 4 continents and over 10,000 stocks
  • Instant settlement with greater transparency over profit and losses with T+0 Settlement
  • See your orders in the queue while you trade real exchange data
  • Competitive margins to help maximise your portfolio value

Index CFDs

Trade major stock indices with competitive leverage by trading Zero Index CFDs. Trade price movements of the real futures contract and select the contract expiry you want using live exchange data. Margins start at 1% (SPI 200 Futures start at USD $25 per point. USD 200 cash indexes are USD $1 per point available on our MT4 platform).

  • Competitive margins starting at 1%
  • Trade different expiring date contracts
  • A valuable risk management tool
  • Trade with real exchange prices