Execution Policy

Zero’s trading platform supports market, limit, stop loss and trailing stop loss orders where you have the authority to place your orders anytime during our official trading hours. If you prefer to trade over the phone, you can call and speak to one of our dealers. Until the implementation of the closing trade, your position will stay open.


Your account balance will be kept up to date with real time market prices.


Stop – Loss and Limit Order Trades

Zero is completely aware of the importance of managing risk in terms of stop loss and limit orders. Your fills on both stop loss and limit orders up to the limit of 50 lots at the most competitive market price.


Holiday and Weekend Execution

Zero responds to all the gaps that exist in processing pending orders due to holiday and weekends at the first market price that is available for the similar position size.


Volatile or Illiquid Market Trading

Zero serves its customers even in the most vulnerable market conditions by receiving and processing orders at the best market price due to its responsive nature and collaboration with other business partners.

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