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ZERO Markets Social Trading

ZERO Markets’ Social Trading is now a go-to choice for thousands of traders around the world. By copying the trades of top traders who are actively trading and profiting, it’s now easier than ever to start trading and excel your investment, diversify your portfolio, and produce greater performance.

ZERO Markets utilises the popular and user-friendly Signal Start Social Trading platform. This has the advantage of giving you exposure to a larger set of traders from around the world, and a comprehensive set of features and analytics, providing you with greater flexibility and choice to determine your best trading strategy.

How does Social Trading work?

Social Trading with ZERO Markets involves two types of traders. On the Social Trading platform, they are known as Providers (experienced traders who share their trades or ‘signals’) and Followers (traders who subscribe to and copy the trades of Providers).

Here is how it works:

  • 1Followers choose the Providers they would like to subscribe to. You can subscribe to one Provider per trading account, so if you have multiple trading accounts you can subscribe to multiple Providers. Our Social Trading platform displays many metrics and stats for every Provider to help you make informed choices.
  • 2Make a decision on the size of your investment. You can choose how much of your investment to allocate to each of the Providers that you follow.
  • 3Once confirmed, the Social Trading platform will replicate all the chosen Providers’ trades to your trading account.
  • 4Monitor how your portfolio is going. You can easily adjust your investment allocation and change the Providers that you follow to find the right strategy for you.

How much does it cost to use
ZERO Markets Social Trading?


One-time Setup

$25 USD

platform fee

Subscription fees
for each Provider you subscribe to


Same as normal trades


One-time Setup
$25 USD


of each subscription


Same as normal trades

These fees are set by the Signal Start platform. However, here at ZERO Markets, we want to make this service accessible to more people.

We will credit the $25 USD monthly fee for Followers and $25 USD setup fee for Providers if the conditions below are met:


Fund your account with over $1000 USD and trade the minimum volume* required per month


Fund your account with over $1000 USD and trade the minimum volume* required for the first month

*Minimum trading volume is 5 lots on Forex, Metal or WTI

Why is Social Trading with ZERO Markets
the perfect solution for traders?

Real account, real money

All trades done by your peers on the platform are connected to live accounts, using real money. No demo accounts are shown, ever,

Controllable trade management

Have full flexibility and control over who you subscribe to and the amount of money invested.

Accurate and meaningful data and stats

A range of data and stats allow you to make the most informed choices to reduce risk and improve outcomes.

Be part of a trading community

See what high performing traders are trading to optimise your own trading strategy.

No extra trading ornaments needed

Our Social Trading platform is browser-based, so there’s no need to download additional software. It’s quick and simple to get started.

24/5 customer support

A fantastic team of support agent are there to support you in any situation you face.

How Do I Start Social Trading with
ZERO Markets?

Connecting your ZERO Markets trading accounts to Social Trading only takes a few
minutes. Simply follow these steps:

Sign up with
ZERO Markets

Open a live
trading account

You may choose to fund the
account if you wish to start
Social Trading right away.

Sign up for a Social Trading account

Link your live trading account

During sign up, you will be guided to link your trading account and provide billing details

All set, you’re now part of the ZERO Markets’ Social Trading family.

Frequently Asked Questions

ZERO Markets Social Trading is easy to setup and learn to use, making it a go-to choice for traders of any experience level. From a simple process for copying trades, to a fantastic team of customer support to help you when needed, you’ll have all the tools to confidently get started. However, as real money is on the line, we do recommend that you have a basic understanding of how to trade so you can understand the processes and terminology.

Modern investment is no longer a one-man business. It's now more like growing up together, and this concept has been extended to modern investing through Social Trading. It has been designed to benefit both the trader who will adopt the trades, and the trader who will actually perform the trading. Social Trading is a type of investing that allows investors to watch their peers and professional traders and experience the way they trade. The main goal is to use Social Trading (or mirror trading) to follow and learn from the investment ideas and successful strategies of other traders, and cultivate your own trading pathway.

Only live accounts on MT4 and MT5 platforms can be used for Social Trading. We offer cross-platform compatibility, which means that any trade can be copied, even if the Provider and Follower are using different platforms.

You will have control over the volume of positions copied into place in your account. You can select the maximum and minimum volume of copied positions once you have chosen the Provider(s) to subscribe to.

Yes, you will be able to set your risk management, as well as your total loss, floating loss, and total profit levels, once you have chosen the Provider(s) to subscribe to.