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Forex Swap Rates

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What is swap rate?

A swap rate, otherwise known as a rollover rate or a swap, is a fee that is paid or charged to an open trade at the end of each trading session. It’s the calculated interest fee, which is charged or earned, when traders keep positions open overnight. A swap rate allows positions to be extended into the next trading session without closing or settling.

Swap rollover

How are swap rates calculated?

A swap is determined by the difference in interest rates between both currencies in a currency pair. If you are trading the Australian dollar against the British Pound (AUD/GBP), the swap rate calculation would take into account the interest rates between Australia and the United Kingdom. Swap rates are applied if the position being held is either long or short.

Check the latest Swap Rates

How do you find swap rates on the MT4 and MT5 platforms?

  1. 1 Go to the “Market Watch” section
  2. 2 Right-click to select “Symbols”
  3. 3 Choose the forex pair you want to trade
  1. 4 Click on the “Properties” for the pair, (on MT5, please select 'Specification')
  2. 5 All the information on the pair, such as forex swap rate, stop level, initial margin and more, will be displayed

Check your platform for the latest swap rates

Our swap rates

Please kindly be advised that the swap rates presented below are intended solely for reference purposes. For precise swap rates, we kindly request referring to the MT specification.

Forex swap rates

Open the spread Close the spread
AUDCAD Australian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar -0.97 -1.21
AUDCHF Australian Dollar vs Swiss Franc 0.42 -2.32
AUDJPY Australian Dollar vs Japanese Yen -0.24 -1.94
AUDNZD Australian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar -2.06 -0.73
AUDUSD Australian Dollar vs Us Dollar -0.93 -1.28
CADCHF Canadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc 0.70 -2.94
CADJPY Canadian Dollar vs Japanese Yen -0.35 -1.63
CHFJPY Swiss Franc vs Japanese Yen -4.24 1.11
EURAUD Euro vs Australian Dollar -4.99 0.50
EURCAD Euro vs Canadian Dollar -4.98 0.61
EURCHF Euro vs Swiss Franc -0.61 -2.18
EURGBP Euro vs Great Britain Pound -3.64 0.32
EURJPY Euro vs Japanise Yen -2.79 -0.48
EURNOK Euro vs Norwegian Kroner -26.47 1.05
EURNZD Euro vs New Zealand Dollar -5.43 0.87
EURPLN Euro vs Polish Zloty -36.70 -14.18
EURSEK Euro vs Swedish Krona -26.18 0.79
EURSGD Euro vs Singapore Dollar -6.62 0.25
EURTRY Euro vs Turkish Lira -215.43 36.61
EURUSD Euro vs Us Dollar -3.60 0.46
EURZAR Euro vs South African Rand -344.52 184.44
GBPAUD Great Britain Pound vs Australian Dollar -2.18 -2.42
GBPCAD Great Britain Pound vs Canadian Dollar -2.91 -0.85
GBPCHF Great Britain Pound vs Swiss Franc 0.17 -3.72
GBPJPY Great Britain Pound vs Japanese Yen -0.73 -2.67
GBPNZD Great Britain Pound vs New Zealand Dollar -3.88 -0.97
GBPSEK Great Britain Pound vs Swedish Krona 4.44 -10.30
GBPSGD Great Britain Pound vs Singapore Dollar -5.82 -3.76
GBPUSD Great Britain Pound vs Us Dollar -3.05 -0.57
NZDCAD New Zealand Dollar vs Canadian Dollar -0.97 -1.70
NZDCHF New Zealand Dollar vs Swiss Franc 0.42 -2.79
NZDJPY New Zealand Dollar vs Japanese Yen -0.36 -1.70
NZDSGD New Zealand Dollar vs Singapore Dollar -1.70 -2.06
NZDUSD New Zealand Dollar vs Us Dollar -1.33 -0.85
USDBRL Us Dollar vs Brazilian Real -41.64 -92.74
USDCAD Us Dollar vs Canadian Dollar -41.64 -92.74
USDCHF Us Dollar vs Swiss Franc 0.96 -4.41
USDCNH Us Dollar vs Chinese Yuan -13.83 -43.12
USDHKD Us Dollar vs Hong Kong Dollar
USDJPY Us Dollar vs Japanese Yen -0.78 -2.22
USDNOK Us Dollar vs Norwegian Krone 3.56 -28.97
USDPLN Us Dollar vs Polish Zloty -24.11 -20.07
USDSEK Us Dollar vs Swedish Krona 0.93 -27.88
USDSGD Us Dollar vs Singapore Dollar -3.76 -3.64
USDTRY Us Dollar vs Turkey Lira -175.84 -3.16
USDZAR Us Dollar vs South African Rand -272.59 106.65

Metal swap rates

Open the spread Close the spread

Indices swap rates

Open the spread Close the spread

Commodities swap rates

Open the spread Close the spread

Cyptocurrencies swap rates

Open the spread Close the spread

Bonds swap rates

Open the spread Close the spread

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