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Indices trading

What are the advantages of trading Indices with ZERO Markets?


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What is Indices trading?

Mobile devices

Trading indices is a great way to trade on the world’s financial markets without having to analyse the performance of an individual company stock.

Indices measure the performance of a group of shares from an exchange. Trading indices enables you to get exposure to an entire economy or sector at once, while only having to open a single position.

Zero Markets offer CFD indices trading on our MT4 & MT5 platforms. Benefit from low cost trading with margins starting as low as 1%

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Learn to trade Indices

How does Indices trading work?

Indices trading is different to trading a stock or a currency because you benefit from the movements of an economy rather than a single company or currency. The movements of an index directly relate to the price movements of all of the shares within that index. When trading a single company you are putting all your eggs in one basket.

Index trading, on the other hand, allows you to benefit from 20, 50, 100 companies all at once. If one of these companies is struggling that doesn't mean the entire index will suffer. Although all types of trading involves risk, indices trading is often seen as a more stable option.

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Metatrader 4 (MT4) & Metatrader 5 (MT5)

What are the most recommended platforms for Indices trading?

MT4 & MT5 are the favourite choice for Indices traders around the globe. Zero Markets’ MT4 & MT5 are packed with extras to ensure you’re equipped with all the tools you need to make better informed trading decisions. Tight Raw Pricing, fast execution and superior charts are the building blocks for our MT4 & MT5 solutions.


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Buying Index US30

Indices trading example

Standard icon

The gross profit on your trade is calculated as follows:

Opening Price

$27,818.53 × 1 lot = $27,818.53

Closing Price At $27,918.53 1 lot = $27,918.53Gross Profit on Trade $27,918.53-$27,818.53 = $100

Closing Price At $27,718.53 × 1 lot = $27,718.53Gross Loss on Trade $27,718.53 – $27,818.53 = -$100.00

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Opening the position

The price of US30 against USD (US30 CFD) is $27,818.53 and you decide to buy 1 lot. The total value is $27,818.53.

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Closing the position

Five days later, if the price of US30 has increased to $27,918.53, the trade made $100.00 gross profit; if the price of US30 has fallen to $27,718.53 and you decide to stop your loss by selling 1 lot US30, the trade loses $100.00.

Trade on tighter spreads

Typical Indices spreads

Super ZERO
AUS200 Australia 200 Index Cash 1 2 1 2
UK100 Uk100 Index Cash 1 2 1 2
STOXX50 Euro 50 Index Cash 2 2 2 2
JP225 Japan 225 Index Cash 10 10 10 10
GER40 German 40 Index Cash 1 2 1 2
US500 Us 500 Index Cash 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
DJ30 Us Dow Jones Index Cash 4 4 4 4
NAS100 Us Nasdaq Index Cash 2 2 2 2
HK50 Hong Kong Index Cash 15 15 15 15
FRA40 CAC40 Index Cash 0.8 1.96 0.8 1.96
SPA35 SPA35 Cash Index 6.5 6.5 6.5 6.5
CHINA50 China A50 Index Cash 9.41 13.17 9.41 13.17
VIX Volatility Index 0.14 0.05 0.14 0.05
USD Index US Dollar Index 0.02 0.009 0.02 0.009

*Margin (MGN) is a percentage of your equity put aside by your broker to execute trades. This is to cover the possibility of loss in your account. Margin is not a cost or a fee.


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